Everything to know About Zip Files – You are about to learn How to Zip and Unzip files. Have been thinking of how to compress your large files so you can easily send them through e-mails or post them online? Here is the simple steps to marge those large files and compressed them into a lighter file size and easily transfer them. 

So many people has always wondered how large files are zipped (compressed) into lighter versions without loosing any bit of its contents. I mean a files that can take up to 10GB space will be compresses to as low as 100MB. The more interestig part is that files of different formats can be grouped together into one folder and compressed to save space.

On this article I will be showing you everything you need to know about Zip Files, different ways to zip and Unzip files. how to Zip and UNzip any file for free. I will also guide you on how to use windows to zip files, unzip files, and open Rar files.

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Why Do we Need to Zip Files

Firstly, you might be asking, why will I have to Zip my files and after wards start unzipping it before i can use them. Well there is no cause for Alarm, You will find below some of the reasons for zipping your files. I am sure this will really interest you.

  1. Lossless Compression: Here you remove the redundant information from a group of files when you compress (zip) it and restore it when you uncompress (unzip) it. This means you drastically reduce the size of a bulk file.
  2. File Encryption: You can encrypt your file easily, protecting it from third party by zipping them. Also, zipped file are in a way safer to transfer, as they can’t be easily attacted by virus. Zipping files therefore can help secure your files from unnecessary treat from virus.
  3. File Management: Compreesed (zip) files helps to marge two or more files into a single file or folder which take less space. This of course gives you a better way to send and store files.

Furthermore, splitting Archives to volume can be done better when files are zipped. I.e you can easily share a file of 1Gb for example between two CDs of 700mb without any interference or data loss.

How to Zip and Unzip Files

Zipping files is free and easy if you are using a windows operating system. Just think of it as creating a folder in your windows PC. On this article I will show you two different ways to Zip and unzip files for free. This methods are;

  • Windows Compressed (zipped) folder, and
  • Third Party zipper App.

How to Zip Files Using Windows Default Zipper

For example, If you have a group of files you want to compress and store in a folder, probably to reduce the storage space. Follow the steps below to compress (zip) files on your windows device.

  • Select the group of files you want to create a Zip file for
  • Right- click on the selected files
  • From the options that come up, Select Sent to,  then
  • Click on Compressed (zipped) folder. This will automatically start the compression and thus create a zip file for the selected files
  • You can now rename folder to your choice nameZip Files | Everything to Know About Zip Files

Alternatively, You can also achieve the above process by simply;

  • Right-clicking on a black space on your desktop or explorer
  • From the list of options, Select NEW, then
  • Click on Compressed (zipped) Folder,
  • Rename the Compressed (zipped) folder to your choice name. and
  • Finally, Move the files you zip into these folder. That is all, your file will start compression and thus zipped.

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How to Unzip Files

As simple as the process of zipping a file so also is the process of Unziping it, it is even easier to unzip. Follow the steps below to unzip file that is ziped.

  • Locate the Compressed (Zipped) folder
  • Right click on the zipped folder, then
  • select extraxct all. A new window will show up for you to select where to extract files to
  • Select a location and extract your files to it. ( note files can also be strated to this folder)

Alternatively, You can unzip folder (file) by simply double clicking on the folder, This by default will extract files to the same folder they ar zipped. The above procedure is also applicable to zipped files, .Rar files that we receive from other people.

Moreover, The above process can only do the basic zipping and Unzipping of files, but to get the most of these feature or go into advance zipping, you will need something more than just windows Compressed (zipped) folder. This will bring me to the other Methods of zipping and Unziping Files, i.e Using a third party App.

Other Zip Files Creating Platform

Below are some third party apps that can help you zip your files successfully and also restore them perfectly.

  • Unzipper
  • Winrar
  • 7-zip
  • peazip
  • winzip
  • online ziping etc

You can download and use any of these methods for advance zipping of files and file encryption. The procedures for zipping or Unzipping may vary, but the steps are just the same.

Finally, Like i said earlier zipped files are easy to sent and transfered as they are compressed to a lighter sizes. I prefer zipping my software cracks before saving them, these at least save me more storage space on my PC and of course they are secured during minor virus attacks. So I recommend you make file zipping a part of your system fragmentation and file management procedure.

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Always visit our homepage for more app updates and HOW TOs. Have i missed something, or maybe there is a point have not made clear enough. Use the commet box below to share or post your opinoin on zipping and Unzipping files.