Hello pals, have you tried whatsapp update recently? men if you have, you will discover a lot of things has changed. Thus, on this article i will be showing the latest feature that whatsapp has now introduced in there recent upgrade.Whatsapp Latest Features | Whatsapp Messenger Free Download

Now, if you have updated your whatsapp to its current version, you will notice that you can’t update your status just the way you use to before. Also, the menus as changed generally. In-fact many have not changed their status since they updated their whatsapp. Therefore, If you are among such, feel free this article is for you.

Whatsapp Latest Features

Below are the features you will now find on your whatsapp app

  • Instant MessageWhatsapp Latest Features | Whatsapp Messenger Free Download
  • free voice call
  • Video call
  • Group Chat
  • whatsapp web
  • Broadcast (lot of people don’t use this)
  • Reply message and forward message
  • change of Account number
  • New bar for status update. here you can see recent updates (i.e other contacts on your device that changed their status recently).

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How to Update your Status on Whatsapp

To update your status now on whatsapp is a little tricky. Thus, So many find it entirely difficult to go about it that they resolve on just keeping they former status. Here is all you need to do and your status will be updated.

  • Go to the status bar (between “call” and “chats” )
  • Tap on the “my status”. You will notice that your camera automatically comes up.
  • Hold the circle to record video or just tap it to take photograph. You can as well choose from an existing photo or video on your device.
  • Add a caption. this caption is the comment you want to be displayed as your status.
  • click the the arrow (enter). You will be asked if you want the status to be sent to all your contacts.
  • If yes tap on “send” to update your status.
  • if not, you can adjust your settings by taping on “change privacy settings”
  • Adjust who you want to see your status

That is all, you have successfully changed your status. using Whatsapp Latest Features | Whatsapp Messenger Free Download

How to download and Install Whatsapp Messenger

Fisrt of all, whatsapp is a popular social tool, virtually everybody with a smartphone uses it. so to download whatsapp is as simple as ABC. However, follow the steps below to get whatsapp installed on your device.

  1. Visit www.whatsapp.com with your device
  2. Tap whatsapp download, based on the kind of device you are using (windows, Blackberry, Android, Iphones etc)
  3. The Application automatically starts downloading
  4. ones the app is downloaded to your device.
  5. Tap on it to start installation
  6. follow the step by step procedures to install app.
  7. Enter your mobile number that you wish to sign up with. (note this number can be changed at any moment in your account settings). Therefore, To do this >> Go to option >> settings >> Account >> change Number >> Next >> enter old number >> Enter new Number >> tap done.
  8. you will receive a code for the activation of your accont.
  9. enter code, choose a name and profile picture. complete registration
  10. Now you can start enjoying your whatsapp.

Note you can also get whatsapp app from various play stores like Google Play, itunes, windows store etc.

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Finally, whatsapp are always bringing in new features and they reflect in their latest versions. all you have to do is to always update your whatsapp whenever newer versions comes up.Whatsapp Latest Features | Whatsapp Messenger Free Download