You are about to learn how to Undo sent mail in Gmail, have you ever mistakenly sent a mail and you wish it had not delivered so u can make possible corrections. This article is meant for you.

Often time while trying to send a mail, you just  find out that you have  accidentally hit the send button even when you are yet to complete your mail. Maybe you forgot to attach a file, or you copied a wrong destination, or even some silly typographical errors that needed to be corrected.Here is how to unsend this mail  before it is delivered to any destination.

Undo Sent Mail – Gmail Special Feature

All thanks to Gmail for this special feature to recall mails before they are delivered. Though most Gmail users are not aware of this feature and Thus do not have it activated in their Gmail account. On this Article I will show you how to activate this feature. And of course show you how to recall accidental mails before it is delivered.

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How to Activate your UNDO SENT Option in Gmail

  Now, just like you can undo some actions when some software and tools, Activating  Gmail UNDO Sent option gives you the opportunity to undo sent mail at least between 5-30 seconds of sending the mail. Follow the steps below to Activate this option in your Gmail account.

  • Login to your Gmail account
  • At your inbox page, Click on the gear symbol (settings) at to right Corner of the page. (see image below)How to Undo sent Mail in Gmail & Stop Accidental sent Mail from Delivering
  • Select SETTINGS from the option displayed.
  • Now, scroll down the page to locate UNDO SENT
  • Check the Enable Undo Send box and set the send cancellation timing (20 or 30 sec)How to Undo sent Mail in Gmail & Stop Accidental sent Mail from Delivering
  • Then scroll down to the bottom of the page, locate and click on the Save Settings

That is all your undo sent is now active, and you now maximum of 30 seconds to undo any sent mail.


How to Undo Sent Mail in Gmail

The process of undoing any sent mail is very simple provided you have followed the guide above and activated Undo Sent in your Gmail settings. To Undo sent message, simply click on UNDO Close to VIEW Messages after the message have been sent. See Image below.How to Undo sent Mail in Gmail & Stop Accidental sent Mail from Delivering

This action will automatically return the message to your draft box. You can easily edit and do necessary from there and resend when you are good.

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Finally, You can see that with this feature in Gmail, you no longer need to worry over accidentally sent mail. Though you can always disable this feature through the same process has stated above. But for me, I think its better is it is enabled, you never can tell when you will need it.

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