Hi, Have you heard of Sunshine File transfer App and stream? May be its time you get acquitted with this magical tool for large file sharing. On this article i try to review Sunshine app which is formally known as Share On.

Sunshine file Transfer App is one app that will help you share your file between all your devices and stream files with other devices without uploading file to the cloud and thus no downloading in involved.

As simple as it is, transfer speed is as fast as 500MB per seconds. Sunshine gives you access to all your media files stored on any device. You can Play and manage your videos, photos and audio files without downloading, cloud storage or size limits.

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As usual lets go to the features of sunshine file transfer software, so you can Instantly Stream and Transfer All Your Files. No Size Limit. & No Cloud, No Cable and no Internet connection.

Features of Sunshine file Transfer App

Below are the key features of Sunshine App. This features are unique to Sunshine transfer app.

  • Stream All My Files from All your Devices. Here, Once you have a file in any of your device, you can play them from any of your other devices. No need uploading files to cloud before accessing them with any of your devices.
  • Transfer All My Files to All your Devices. With sunshine app you can transfer or backup files from one of your device to another without cables or cloud at a very fast rate.
  • Share Files with Friends or other Sunshine user. Sunshine helps you to share files with friends easily, users can INSTANTLY enjoy shared videos, pictures, music, documents without downloading. Finally,
  • Maximum Security and Large File Transfer. Your files are totally secured as you dont need to upload to cloud. Sunshine lets you transfer large files, without limit at a very fast rate.

Note: To enjoy the above, you have to download and install sunshine app to any device before it can communicate and access files from other devices.

Download Sunshine File Transfer App

Sunshine App is available for both Android, iphones and Desktop devices (Mac, or windows). The process of downloading is very simple and download is completely free. Follow the steps below to quickly download and install Sunshine app to any device of choice.

  • Firstly, Visit sunshine official website using this link www.sunshineapp.com
  • Just on the home page you will find a Download Sunshine button, click button to download or,
  • Click on the Download Menu at the Menu bar at the top of the page.
  • Check for the choice of device and click on its link to download.

Downloads are available for ios 7 and above, Andriod 4.0 and above, window 7 and above, Mac OS 10.9 and above. To install just locate the file from your download folder click and follow prompts to install.

Sign Up Sunshine and Login to Access files

Now, to use sunshine you will have to create account for free. This account is all you need access all your files in your PC (for example) by simply loging in to your account with another device. follow this step to sign up and complete sunshine account creation.

  • Visit the sunshine home page, But this time
  • Click on LOGIN in the top Menus
  • Locate and click the sign up link, or Register. A new page will come up
  • Enter a functional Email address, a nickname your friends can search with, and
  • Provide a password then,
  • Check the I Agree box and Click on the Register Button. That is all your account is ready.

Note, you can also sign up with your Facebook account is you have one.

To Login to your Sunshine Account; Just follow the First two steps above, and then

  • Enter your email (the email you used during registration) in the space provided and,
  • Input your password, and click on Login.

Note the processes above is the same of any of the device I listed in the download section. Also, to access files using other devices, just use this same account. Log in to your account and start enjoying files from every device you linked to this account.

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How to Use Sunshine File Transfer App

Now, To start using sunshine in any of your devices, follow the steps below.

  1. Firstly, Install Sunshine on all your devices
  2. Login with the same account on all your devices to sync.
  3. Select on My Device that is the device that you want to access.
  4. Now, you can start Streaming media files of the selected device without downloading.
  5. Add your friends and share and transfer files with them too

That is all, I hope you find this useful. Always visit www.fidelz.com for more App reviews, locate and download apps you have never come across before and learn how to use apps.