Here is a step by step procedure to recover yahoo password. This steps will help you recover your yahoo mail password in just few clicks and also help you retrieve your yahoo mail account anytime you can’t login to your account.

Have you tried signing in to your yahoo mail account and you discover that you have forgotten your password? Or have you been trying to login yahoo and you are told “username or password incorrect” .

There is no need to panic anymore this tutorial will help get back your yahoo mail password, so relax.

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It is really frustrating to discover that you can’t have access to your mail either because you lost or forgot your password.

Many people sometimes wonder if yahoo intentionally deprive them access to their mail. But truth be told these are just means of securing your account from been hacked.

So if you are locked out from accessing your account, here are some simple steps to recover your password and you are good to go again on yahoo mail.


Steps to Recover Yahoo Password

There are two major ways you can get back your yahoo password as quick as possible. Note this process are very simple and no special coding or IT skills are needed.

Meanwhile, You have to note that there are some cases where you may not be able to retrieve your account. Such cases includes

  • A dormant or obsolete account which must have been deleted by yahoo
  • Accounts that have been inactive for 12 months

Thus, if your account fall in any of the categories above, you may not be able to retrieve your account. That not withstanding you can create a new yahoo account here.

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Now to how to recover yahoo mail password, The two methods to be discussed on this post are;

  1. Alternate Recovery email account or Phone number and
  2. using security question

Method One: Recover Yahoo password through Recovery Email Address or Phone Number

This method works best if you have forgotten both your username and password. So in which ever case either you forgot your username or password. Follow these steps as outlined below to recover them.

  • Firstly, visit preferably with your desktop browser
  • Click on the Trouble signing in? link just below the sign in field.
  • Now enter your recovery email address or phone number. (this is the alternate email or phone number you used during yahoo account registration). then click continue.
  • A list of emails connected to this email or phone number will be displayed,
  • Now select the particular email your want to retrieve and click continue
  • You will be asked if you have access to the phone or email, Click Yes, send me code.
  • A code will be sent immediately to this phone number or email address
  • Simple Steps to Recover Yahoo Password - How to Retrieve Yahoo Mail Account









  • Enter the code in the field provided and click Next
  • Once code is correctly entered you will see a success message (see image above). Don’t click continue
  • Click on Create a New password so that you can set up your password
  • Enter a new password, re-enter password as shown below then continues. Remember to note down this new password and also your username. So you don’t go through this process again.yahoomail password recovery
  • Congratulation your account is now ready for use.

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Method Two: Recover Yahoo Password Through Security Question

This method works well too, but believe me the first step is just the best because this second method only works for people that can remember their username and the security question used during registration.

Here is how to go about recovering your yahoo password.

  • Visit
  • Enter your correct yahoo mail username and click next. In the next page that come up,
  • Click on i Forgot password
  • Select security question
  • Enter the answer to your security question
  • Then it will automatically tell you to put a new password if you enter the answer to the security question correctly.
  • Then enter the new password and click OK.

In conclusion, the steps described above will deliver you your lost yahoo username and also recover your password. Just ensure you follow strictly these Simple Steps to Recover Yahoo Password and How to Retrieve Yahoo Mail Account.

Let us know using the comment box below if the above work well for you or if you have any other means of password recovery.