yandex mail is a fast growing web search engine website that offers free e-mail services with a beefy memory capacity.Sign Up Yandex | Yandex Login | Account Registration. in addition to web search, yandex provides wide range of specialized search services like language translation.

Sign Up Yandex | Yandex Login | Account Registration

Are you in need of a fast and highly convenient e-mail account? look no further, yandex mail offers a user friendly and quick access web-mail service that will blow your mind. its ability to link your yandex mail with your subsequent Gmail or other email accounts makes it a unique mail that everyone will want to have.

opening a yandex account  in is as easy as sipping from your cup coffee as it offers a convenient User Interface and has the ability to process over 10 million emails daily excluding spam. Here i will be showing you how to Sign Up Yandex | Yandex Login | Account Registration. let’s get started.

yandex mail offers some attractive features that is worth enjoying so before we go into Sign Up Yandex | Yandex Login | Account Registration let us take a quick look at some of the wide range of features that yandexmail offers.

Features of Yandex Mail

  • Free Spam-free mail
  • Unlimited mail Storage
  • Yandex disk to upload data greater that 30MB
  • Protection from viruses and spam
  • Fun-email service. where you can send e-card to friends
  • Over 30 themes for users
  • Automatic formatting, spell check and translation
  • Sending video messages with sound
  • Ability to connect and manage your other mailboxes

wow! confirmed this is interesting right?

Sign Up Yandex | Yandex Login | Account Registration

Yeah, lets now walk through how to sign up yandeex mail | yandex Login

Sign Up Yandex | Yandex Login | Account Registration

  • visit
  • click on create account-  the registration page comes up
  • enter your first name and surname
  • create or select a unique username
  • create and remember a password for accessing your account.
  • provide a cell phone number- this can be used to restore your password and get notifications
  • click on send code
  • enter the code you received, check the i agree box
  • click register and fill out the remaining data

Yandex Login | Yandex.Mail

You need a Yandex account to access Yandex.mail. if you do not have one, follow the step above and Sign Up Yandex | Yandex Login | Account Registration.  ones your account is ready

  • logon to on your phone or PC then click on log in on top right corner of your screen or
  • visit
  • enter your email and password
  • click log in

in case you forgot your password, click on the forgot password button and follow the prompts to get that fixed, remember you will need the phone number you entered during registration.

Hope you find this post on Sign Up Yandex | Yandex Login | Account Registration useful