On this post you will Learn how to go live on facebook and Share live vidoes on Facebook. Just like sharing a normal video you have on your device, Now you can go live and share videos on your facebook timeline just an event is unfolding.

Maybe you are stalk in a particular event and wish you can just post the live video on your Facebook page, or a Group. Do you want your group to know exactly what is happening in your area per time. Then This facebook feature must interest you a great deal. You want to grow your fans and followers on facebook then Go live on Facebook.

How do I go live on Facebook

This as always been the question most subscribers ask As they really like to Go live on facebook but don’t know how to. This artilcle will guide you on how to go live on facebook and share your videos just on time. It will feature how turn notifications for live videos on and off, How to find Live video on Facebook and how to hid comments while watching a live video.

Now all these can be donw easily on Facebook, All you need is just a Facebook account. So if you don’t have one yet you can click Here to start a facebook account sign up and registration. Once your account is ready, then you are on point.

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How To Go Live on facebook

Firstly, going live on facebook is just like sharing your toughts online or just posting / saying whats on your mind. But these time you are just doing that by posting a video. On this paragraph i will show you how to go live using your desktop PC and also your Android device.

How to Go Live on Facebook with Desktop Browser

Going live using your desktop facebook is easy and quick, but your device must have a webcam for live recording. This alone and a reliable network is all need to go live on facebook and share live videos with your friends and group. To do this just follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your facebook account using your PC browser ( Google Chrome Browser )
  • Click LIVE VIDEO at the top of your News Feed.
  • Write something about the video your about to do, Then
  • Click on GO LIVE. Boom! your browser start to integrate with your webcam to start recording and video is posted online just on the go.

Share Live Videos On Facebook - How to Go Live on Facebook

How to Go Live on Facebook with Android Device

Now, Just like you can go live using your Desktop PC, you can also go live on facebook using your mobile device. Using your mobile device is much easier as you can carry them along at any point in time. Furthermore you can use the front or rear camera to do your recording. This of course makes it a lot easier to go live sharing videos of what is happening around you. Follow the steps below to go live on Facebook using your android device.

  • Just like in PC version, Launch your facebook app, and log in to your account. ensure your data is on
  • This time, Tap on  WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? at the top of your News Feed, then
  • Tap GO LIVE,
  • Write a discription of what video is all about, followed by a Tap on GO LIVE
  • Finally, Tap FINISH when you are done broadcasting

That is all. The process above is the same for going live on your Timeline or in Group. To go live in a group just

  • Tap Write something or Say something as the case may be, and
  • Follow the preceeding steps above.

Note: The process for going live on facebook with your android is exactly the same for Iphone and ipad users.

Moreover, Apart from going live of facebook. There are some other things you can do alongside going live on facebook. Now lets go to how you can turn on/off notifications for live videos.

How to Turn on or Off Notifications for Live Video

For PC users follow the steps below to toggle your notifications on and off.

  • Click the arrow down key at the top right corner of your facebook home page to reveal SETTINGS.
  • Click on settings and select the Notifications link.
  • Now, click on Facebook and,
  • Scroll down to Live video, There you can toggle between off and on.

For Mobile device users (Android or iphone), follow the steps below to do the same action as above.

  • Log in to your facebook account on a computer and go to settings, perform the process explained above and you are done. This is the only means of setting this option.
  • Also you can always tap or click Subscribe to be notified the next time that Facebook account starts a live broadcast while watching a live video.

Now, How to hide Comments and reactions while watching live videos on facebook. You can do this by simply swiping right across the screen and Swipe left to bring them back again.

Finally, You can block viewers during a live broadcast by simply tapping the profile picture next to a viewer’s comment and then tapping Block.

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In a way of conclusion, Facebook is really becoming more fun by these live video feature. If you have not tried it, this is time to give it a shot. Just follow the steps above correctly and you will have no more challenge sharing live videos on facebook. For More information on this topic visit Facebook Help center

Have you gone Live on facebook? How does it feel? Use the comment box below to share your view. Click Here for more interesting HOW TOs.