is an Indian news, information, entertainment and shopping web portal, founded since 1996. Thus, if you don’t know about Rediffmail then you must be new to the internet. Here on this post i will be showing you how to go about  Rediffmail Login | Sign Up Rediffmail Account | Rediffmail App Download. Stay tunned.

Firstly, Like i said earlier was created to spread Indian news, information, celebrity gossips, entertainment and marketing brands. But they also provided a web based e-mail service to help their visitors easily get stuffs from their site and also socialize with like minded.

Now lets quickly dive into the features of, among which is the Rediffmail e-mail service.

Interesting offers of

Aside rediffmail email services, here are some other features of Rediff.comRediffmail Login | Sign Up Rediffmail Account | Rediffmail App Download

  • Indian news and update
  • Online shopping web portal: where you can sale and buy brands and materials of choice.
  • Rediffmail: this is a personal email service
  • Unlimited storage stpace.
  • Rediff email for business: here you can create email account for your business
  • Rediffmail Pro : This offers a personalized email ID, that is your username@ (whatever you wish to add) .com
  • Rediff mypage: With this you can connect with people who matter and stay updated by sharing instant info, photos, and more.
  • Rediffmail App: Rediff mail, Rediff News, Rediff shopping mobile app

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How to Sign Up Rediffmail Account

Creating an account with is as easy as reading this post. Follow the steps below and own a free Rediffmail account.

  • First of all, Visit www.rediff.comRediffmail Login | Sign Up Rediffmail Account | Rediffmail App Download
  • From the standard bar, click on the rediffmail logo, or simply click on create a rediffmail account. on the top right Conner of the home page
  • From this new page that comes up, click on Create a new account
  • Enter your full name and provide a unique username (Rediffmail ID), create a password for your username
  • Fill out the remaining form, ensuring the correct data are filled especially your mobile number
  • Now click on create my account .

Having done the above, then you can Login and start enjoying new email account.

How to Login Rediffmail Account

  • Visit home page
  • click on sign in
  • Enter your Rediffmail ID (username) and password
  • click on Go.

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How To Download Rediffmail App

Just like every other websites offering email services, also let you enjoy seamless experience of Rediffmail across your Android mobile, tablet and PC. To get App simply

  • Go to Rediff App Page at
  • Click the app of your choice ( RediffMail App, Rediff News, or Rediff Shopping)
  • Now enter your mobile number in the space provided.
  • Then click on Get App . A download link will be sent to your device through sms.
  • Click link to download and install App to your device.

Further more, you can also download the Rediffmail App .apk file from google play store. Click Here to get Rediffmail App.

In conclusion, Haven seen how to do Rediffmail Login | Sign Up Rediffmail Account |  Rediffmail App Download. To successfully create an account with you must follow the above guide carefully. I believe you find this article useful, Do comment below and hit the share button to share with friends.

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