Here is the latest way to Save Articles, images and videos to view later.  On this article, i will show you how to do pocket Free download and as well help you sign Up pocket – Read it later App. We have always seen people strugle to save a webpage or video so that they can watch them later on there device without having to use their mobile data or internet network. With pocket app, I am sure if you are in this category of people you will not have to worry again.

Pocket, which is also known as Read it Later is an awesome app that is more like an online bookmark. It is designed to help you save your text page, images or video for future viewing without the use of Internet connection. This App is available on windows OS, iOs, Android, Blackberry, windows phones, Kobo e-readers and all wen browser.

As simple as it is, Once you get an article, video or link you want to read or watch later, just save it to Pocket and you can pick it up anytime, anywhere without connecting to any internet network. Now let me take you through some of the features of pocket.

Features of Pocket App

  • Save for Later. pocket helps you save any webpage, image or video and sync it across your device and computer so you can come back to it anywhere and at anytime you’d like, even when you’re offline.
  • Attractive Interface: Pocket has an incredible interface, Read and watch anything on pocket in a sweet and attractive layout. You can even customize pocket to match your reading style, Also you can adjust the text settings.
  • Text-to-Speech Feature: With this feature you can set pocket to read out each text while you just listen.
  • Unlimited Storage: Pocket plus offers unlimited storage space for you to store your files and video for future reading.

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Sign up Pocket Account

Now in order to use pocket account you have to create an account. Creating a  pocket account is free and very easy. All you have to do is provide an email address, a firefox or a google plus account. Follow these steps below to create an accout.

  • visit pocket home page
  • Click on the Sign up with Gmail account or Other email address
  • For the other email Option, Provide a Name, Enter your valid email address. Create a password, Then click on sign up.
  • For the gmail, or Fireforx account option , Just enter your gmail address and click next.
  • Note am email will be sent to Your email inbox. You are to click on the link therein to confirm your pocket account.

Login Pocket

Once you have created an account with pocket you can now start using pocket by logging into your account. To login :

  • Go to
  • Click on log in
  • Choose any of the option that you used to sign up pocket. (i.e Either you login using Email, Gmail or Firefox account Pending on the method you used to sign up).
  • Enter Your detail and click Log in.

Note, There is no need to create a new Pocket account for each device or browser you use. Even is you download pocket for your mobile device. Just login with your email that you use in signing up.

Download Pocket Mobile App

Pocket is a free app and it easy to download and install. you can get app from Google play store, 9Apps, Amazon, itune App store and so on.

But to download App that is specifically made for your device, follow the steps below.

  • Visit
  • Scroll down to locate the download category,
  • Select the category applicable to your device. e.g Andriod (pocket Apk Download) , Ipad, iphone, mobile browser and so on.
  • On the next page that comes up, Click on Get App. You will be directed to your device App store
  • From here you can easily download and install app to your device.

To log in using your app. Just launch your app, enter the email and password you used in creating your pocket that it all. Once you are logged in, you can start adding a URL, explore the things you have and start saving for future reading.

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Hope you find this work on Pocket Free Download | Sign Up Pocket – Save Article & Videos to View Later useful, Comment using the comment box below is you find it difficult using this app.