Do you wish to record and save every video you stream on your PC? Or, are you a gamer, tutor, programmer, or even an artist creating a media and wish to share your work online for others see. This  software is a must use for you, so follow on as I introduce Open Broadcast Software | Download OBS Studio – Best Screen & video recording Tool.

This article will center essentially on everything you should know about Open Broadcast Software (OBS Studio). It will show you how to download OBS studio, and how to use it to record live streaming videos online as a way of saving the video to watch later without internet connection.

 Open Broadcast Software

OBS Studio is a free and open source software for audio  & video recording and live streaming from sites like Hulu, Vimeo, Netflix, YouTube and many other providers. It also serves as a tool for recording any activity on your screen, be it gaming, showing how to use a software etc. It is a very powerful tool for those who wants to create live content and publish it on the internet.

Features of OBS Video Recording Tool

Open Broadcast Software is an open source programme so you can use it for free without fear of copy write penalty. Below are some of the features of OBS studio that makes it the best video recording software.

  • Video and Audio Capturing OBS is good at capturing everything on your screen alongside the audio So it’s a nice tool for creating live contents directly from your PC screen.
  • Video Streaming: OBS supports most of the video streaming platforms like hitbox, twitch, youtube etc.
  • Audio Mixer and Filter: In-built audio effects and intuitive audio mixer to give you the best sound.
  • Video Editing Effects. OBS also offers filters for video sources such as colour correction, image masking etc
  • Powerful and User Friendly Interface: This software has a easy to use configuration options that you can use effortlessly.
  • Hotkey setup: You can also set up hot keys for easy navigation and to avoid continuous switching between you video and OBS window.
  • Different Themes: OBS has light and dark themes to fit your environment per time.

This is how much of the features of Open Broadcast software i can share for now. Once you download OBS studio, You will be opened to much more features.

How to Download OBS Studio (Best Video Recording Tool)

Like i said earlier, this software is free. so you can download install it without and key, or purchasing a incense. To download software, follow the steps below carefully.

  1. Visit OBS home page at
  2. Click on DOWNLOAD
  3. Select your Operating System (OBS is available for Windows 7 and above, Apple OS x 10.9 and newer and Linus operating system.) then
  4. Choose one of the download options. i.e either
  5. Download Installer
  6. Download Via Bittorent

iii.  Download Zip or

1v.View Github

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That is all, your download will start just immediately. furthermore, once your download is completed. Locate file at your download folder and install. The installation process is  straight forward, there is no need to change any option. All you have to do is follow each prompt by clicking NEXT till you complete installation.

Now, Let me go through how to use OBS to download live video online for viewing later without internet connection.

How to Use OBS for Recording Live Videos

First of all, you have to know that using OBS to record video online is free. The only thing you need is a strong internet connection, after which you will not need internet to watch that particular video again.

With the steps below you can get any movie, Tv series or even protected videos that are online for online streaming and watching.

  • Install Download OBS studio and install it to your PC
  • Launch OBS after installation
  • Go to Settings and make necessary adjustments like where you wish to save your recording, and your recording format, Your video resolution and also assign your hotkeys.

Note: make your hotkeys keys that you dont normally use e.g Ctrl + K. Also note the keys you assign to each function.

  • Set Hotkey for start recording, Stop Recording etc
  • Now, Click on OK to save changes
  • The Next thing to do now is to go to your video source.
  • With your web browser visit the website you want to record video from e.g Netflix
  • Search for and locate your desired video.
  • Now, Click on the Add button on OBS studio

Open Broadcast Software | Download OBS Studio – Best Screen & video recording Tool.

  • After which you select DISPLAY CAPTURE with this OBS will start capturing your entire screen once you press your start recording Hotkey. Remember to uncheck the capture mouse cursor if you don’t want your mouse to be showing.
  • You can now go back to your browser, start movie and press your start recording hotkey. Remember to set video to full screen while playing video
  • Press your stop hotkey combination when you have completed your recording. You video will be automatically saved to your PC.

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Finally, You can rename video to suit, and relocate it to any folder of choice. With this you have succeeded in recording or let me say downloading that movie/video to your PC.

Hope you find this post on Open Broadcast Software | Download OBS Studio – Best Screen & video recording Tool
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