NYSC Camp Preparation Tips | List of Things Needed in Orientation Camp

NYSC Camp is one thing every Nigerian Graduates and Undergraduates always look up to. The NYSC compulsory orientation camp exercise is another experience every prospective corp member never wants to miss. Maybe because of the fun, environment or just the “Hype” attached to it which has made it one thing anybody at all as a Nigerian always want to be part of.

On this article, I will be dwelling on the Things every prospective corp members should have in mind as they prepare for this all eventful 3weeks tour.  This list will include all that will be required of you for your proper documentation in the camp and as well things you need as welfare.NYSC Camp Preparation Tips | List of Things Needed in Orientation Camp

NYSC Camp Tips : NYSC Camp Registration Requirements

Below are things you cant afford to forget when going for NYSC orientation camp. They are the things/items/documents you must take along to NYSC Orientation Camp which will be needed there for your documentation. If you don’t have them handy. an sorry for you my paddy you might end up going back to get them.

  • Original Call-up Letter, the one printed online which has to be in coloured.
  • Statement of Result, properly signed by your institution.
  • School Identity Card
  • Functional Account Number and Bank Verification Number BVN
  • Original and Photocopies of Your documents: You should have a number of copies up to 10 copies for each documents including o’level results.
  • Copies of Passport Photographs
  • Stationary: that pen, glue, file etc

The above is sure the basic things you will need to complete your registration at the NYSC orientation Camp. Now, to the things you will need for your daily up keep in Camp. These things are not just important but they are compulsory if you must keep up in the camp. Have it in mind the environment is sure not what you have over there at home and before at school.

Items you Should take to NYSC Camp – Daily Welfare

To have a great time in camp and be very comfortable throughout your 3 weeks stay, just get the items below and come with them to camp. Although they are very much available at the mami market, but I swear You will not like the price tag.

  • Toiletries: The number one on my list is toiletries. Believe me many people look down on this, but this happens to be what most people beg for in the camp. I mean from soaps, to tissue paper, cream, dettol, bathing buckets and so on. They are very important, so my advise is get yours before coming.
  • White round-neck T-shirt and white Short: Although a two pair of this will provided for you at camp, but my dear it will not be enough especially if you are a neat person that can’t repeat cloths. And am sure you can’t be washing twice a day. So get maybe two extra each that you can substitute for in the camp. In case you don’t know these white t-shirts and shorts remains your basic wear throughout your stay in the camp.
  • White Sneakers/Tennis Shoe: You will also need a pair of white shoe to supplement the one that will be given to you. Remember this is what you will be wearing for this three weeks.

Still on NYSC Camp Preparation Tips | List of Things Needed in Orientation Camp

  • WAIST POUCH: This happens to be a very important and non negotiable item you must come with. Men! you can’t carry bags around in Camp. So you will sincerely need a waist pouch to accommodate your stuffs like Phones, money, IDs, tickets, keys and so on.  My dear, in all your “gettings“, get this first.
  • Feeding Items: You should at least come with a food flask to collect your meals, a spoon, cup and other items you think you will need to eat with.
  • Money: Money will be needed for up keep, though you will be paid during this 3 weeks, but i know you don’t want to be indebted and have your certificate seized by the Mani marketers. So come with extra cash or ATM card to access money while in camp.

Other things that you might need are;

  • Beverages or other fast food like  Garri for hungry men
  • Towel, slippers and sponge with sponge case.
  • mosquito net, bed spread and wrapper. You may not be able to stand the cold there.
  • comb, hair brush and perfume
  • touch light.
  • Camera or devices with nice camera. My dear you can’t afford to miss the fun, you have to post stuffs to facebook and instagram.
  • Finally, clothing. when i say clothing, I mean nice cloths you can use on Sundays for church services. And for those that intend participating in the pageants, you can come with special cloths for that purpose.

In conclusion, I advise you get at list a good percentage of the above. But for those that don’t like carrying loads, you can as well get some at the Mani Market. Before I end this post, just as your are advised to come with the above items there also things that are not permitted in the NYSC Orientation Camp.

Things You Should Not Come With To NYSC Orientation Camp

Listed below are some things that are not permitted at the camp environments. If any of these are found in your possession they will be seized and punishment might be introduced also. You are not to come with

  • Car
  • pressing iron,
  • knife,
  • Metal fork,
  • tin cutter
  • Hot plate or Boiling Iron
  • Electronics gadgets or laptops
  • other harmful and dangerous items.

Note: This items will be returned to you at end of the orientation exercise as the case may be.

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I believe this is all that you will need for the NYSC Camp Preparation – Nysc orientation Camp exercise. Do comment below things you think should be added to the list. For more details see www.nysc.gov.ng