Nimbuzz is an instant messaging app that has features of free calling both online and offline. Have you tried logging in or downloading Nimbuzz and could not. This article will show you all about Nimbuzz, how to login Nimbuzz, how to download nimbuzz app to different devices and so on.

Nimbuzz is an instant messaging app available for smartphone, java, symbian devices and PC. This application allows users to enjoy free video and voice calls, instant messaging, social games, and file sharing. It also feature social networking on mobile devices and desktop computer browsers. In addition. Nimbuzz has recently developed other apps like Holaa: for caller indentification and spam blocking, and Free Bux instant Apllications.

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Now, let me show you some of the features of Nimbuzz in a more clearer way.

Features of Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz since creation has always have their users at heart, and Thus, has continuously improved on the fatures of Nimbuzz instant messaging app. some of this features are as follow.

  1. Free Voice Call. with nimbuzz you can call your friends and family for free, even if they don’t have nimbus installed on their phone.
  2. Nimbuzz Video Call. Nimbuzz HD Video Calling allows you to see, talk, and almost touch your friends or family members. This feature tries to solve the issue distance bariar. as you can at least see who you are talking to.
  3. Instant Messaging: Replace your daily SMS with unlimited free instant messages. chat with friends all day long without charges.
  4. Group Chat. You can take advantage of Nimbuzz group chat to communicate your friends or business partners in group. share images, videos and presentation.
  5. Nimbuzz Chat Room: Here you can meet sweet and fun people all over the world. Talk about your values, follow trends and even start relationships.
  6. Fancy Nimbuzz Stickers. Use stickers to express yourself better. share your feelings with your buddies.
  7. File Sharing. Nimbuzz also allows you to share your pictures, musics, videos and other files like document with friends using Nimbuzz

Now that you have known the main features of Nimbuzz, let me take you through the process of downloading nimbuzz app to your mobile device .

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Nimbuzz Messanger Free Download

Nimbuzz Messenger lets you make cheap international voice calls, send unlimited chat messages, share files etc. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian, Java, Windows and Mac. On the next paragraph, i will show you the quickest way of downloadinh Nimbuzz to any of your device.

Generally, to download Nimbuzz for may people is a bit difficult, but on this post i have made it easier. So, follow the steps below to download Nimbuzz App. Make sure these steps are followed accordingly to achieve maximum success.

  • Visit Nimbuzz home page at with any browser.
  • Click on the DOWNLOAD NOW Button just in front of the homepage. or click HERE
  • A new page will open up where you can find all the devices that are compactible with Nimbuzz
  • Locate the one applicable to your mobile device and click on it
  • If you selected any of the smart phones (i.e Android, Blackberry, ios, or windows) your device’s App store will open up in a new tab
  • open tab, and scroll down a bit to locate the download button.
  • click on the download button, Your app will start downloading to your device.

Further more, for all other devices apart from smart phones the download procedure is a bit different. i will explain the process now.

How to download Nimbuzz for Nokia S60 and S40 Devices

My dear nokia users, You are not left out from using this incredible app. All you have to do in order to download Nimbuzz app for your device is explained below.

  • Follow the first four steps from the guide lines above (Nimbuzz messanger free download)
  • Select either Nokia s60 or s40. (the process is the same). now, a new page will come up
  • On this new page, Enter your country and input your phone number
  • Enter the verification character displayed correctly in the field provided. and
  • Click on GET NIMBUZZ
  • Haven done this, a message with a download link will be sent to your device.
  • Open link to start downloading app to your device. Remember this process is the same for both Nokia s40 and Nokia s60 devices.

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Download Nimbuzz App at

You can also download Nimbuzz.apk at as an alternative to Google Play Store. Just in case you are having troubles logging to your google account, follow the steps below to install Nimbuzz to your andriod device.

  • Visit
  • Search for Nimbuzz using the search box
  • Select the latest version of Nimbuzz from available results
  • click on the download link just in front of the app details
  • That is all your app will be downloaded to your android phone.
  • tap on open to start installing Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz Free Download for PC and Mac

Clicking on either Nimbuzz for Mac or PC after the first steps just as with the post above as it were explained . Will automatically start the download of nimbuzz App the your device. once the download is completed, check the browser download folder to locate your files and get ready for installation.

For MAC operating systems, your download will come in a Ziped format. Just unzip it using winrar and start installations.

Sign up Nimbuzz

To create an account on nimbuzz and start chating and making free video calls, follow the steps below.

  • Install Nimbuzz to your device.Nimbuzz : Sign Up Nimbuzz - Download Nimbuzz Free Video Call
  • launch Nimbuzz
  • Select your country and enter your mobile number
  • click next,a new page will open up for you to enter your details
  • Choose a Nimbuzz ID
  • Create a password, and re-enter password
  • confirm that you are above 13 years of age
  • Enter the security code, and then
  • click on create.

Login Nimbuzz

To login Nimbuzz simply simply launch your app and enter your Nimbuzz ID and Password. clicking login will sign you into your Nimbuzz account.

Finally, let me close by saying that this post do not cover all about Nimbuzz. Look out for more updates on how to use Nimbuzz, Nimbuzz Holaa and how to make video calls on Nimbuzz.

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