On this article i will show you how you can easily share your mobile internet connection with your friends through your mobile hotspot. You can share your Android phone or tablet’s mobile data connection with another device via portable Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth tethering, or USB tethering. For example, you can connect your laptop to the Internet using your phone’s data connection. Today i will dwell on Mobile Hotspot | How to Share Internet Connection Using Mobile Hotspot

Now, To share your mobile data connection with another device has lots of benefits because It saves cost and there are no need for modems or other connecting devices. Just a few tap on your mobile buttons and that is all.

How To Share your Mobile Data Through Mobile Hotspot

Follow the steps below and you will successfully share share your android phone or tablet’s mobile data connection with another device via portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Difficulty Level: Easy

Things Needed :

  • An Android device or any smartphone with Hotspot fercility.
  • Data Bundle.
  • Network

Now, Let us go into a main detail on Mobile Hotspot | How to Share Internet Connection Using Mobile Hotspot to other devices.

  1. The first thing to note is this: Before you turn on mobile hotspot, confirm that your device is Mobile Hotspot | How to Share Internet Connection Using Mobile Hotspotconnected to the mobile network. If you don’t have a working network then you are not anywhere close to success.
  2. Set up your mobile Hotspot: To set up your mobile hotspot, all you need do is
    1. Swipe down from the top of the screen once using. this will display all notifications and other options
    2. Tap the setting symbol (The settings icon) to take you to settings. You can as well skip this process by going to settings from you device menu.
    3. Go to “More”
    4. select tethering and portable Hotspot
    5. Tap on Wi-Fi hotspot to reveal all the set up for your wi-fi.
    6. Now set up your Wi-fi (choose a name for your wi-fi network, create a password for it if you secure the network). Note this name and password is what users will use to identify your network and log in respectively.
    7. Adjust other settings to suit. You can choose the limit to which people can connect to your wi-fi, Bandwidth usage and so on.
    8. you can now turn on your mobile Hotspot.
  3. Connect your users: There is no limit to the number of users(devices) you can connect to your network. (except to limit it in your personal settings). All the users need to do is to switch on there wireless network. Their wireless automatically searches for available network. Once it locates your. tap on in it, and connect. The device will request for a password. input the password you chose and the device aumatically connects with the hotspot.

With this you have successfully shared your mobile data with the device. this other devices can be a Laptop, smart phones, Tablets and device with wireless service features. This means if you have an android device, there is no naad saving money to get a modem before you can connect your laptop to the internet.

Subsequently, you can simply share your network buy just swiping down from the top of your screen, locate the hotspot smbol on your screen and tap to toggle on. To stop sharing your Internet connection, turn off the Mobile Hotspot switch.

In conclusion, these works for both android devices, blackberry phones, tablets. Sharing network with your mobile device  also have its on short comings. Although it is very useful, below are a few defects to it.

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Effects of Using Hotspot
  • Runs your mobile battery down easily. So if you have a low battery life this might not work well for you.
  • Network Bridge: because you are on a mobile network you can easily be disconnected when call comes into the phone. This can be very painful is you are in the mist of a major download that can’t be paused.

Hope you find this article useful Mobile Hotspot | How to Share Internet Connection Using Mobile Hotspot comment below.