Mega Cloud Storage For PC.

Hello pals, i do a lot of this with my PC, sometimes my designs comes like a dream in the night. so i have load of things to save on my device, that i can’t imagine loosing any. This Mega Cloud was my prompt rescuer when i first needed a cloud storage. Mega Cloud Storage | Get 50GB free Cloud

MEGA offers 50 GB of free online data storage with support for sharing and mobile uploads, it provides wonderful End-to-end encryption during transfer of files. The MEGA Service was directed towards curbing the privacy issues other cloud storage services seem to be subject to. The free 50 GB storage space is a good reason to choose Mega service, While end-to-end data encryption is a great incentive to add to it.

Now, as we progress in the review of Mega cloud service. Here are some features of Mega Cloud service that you can leverage on for better storage.

Features of Mega Cloud service

  •     MEGA users immediately get 50 GB of free cloud storage space. There are other service that offers up to 4TB pro package. and up to 96TB transfer quota.
  •  Allows uploading from the mobile app
  • you can Upload whole folders using a browser
  • speed of upload can be controlled, you can as well pause uploads
  • easy automated syncing between your computer and your mega cloud drive.
  • Mega chat: secured communication using user controlled end-to-end encryption for text chat. Both for mobile apps and browsers.
  • Mega Mobile App: The cloud is your pocket. Access and stream your files from your smart phones or Tablet
  • Mega browser App; Mega has extensions for your chrome and firefox browsers.
  • secure collaboration; here you can share folders with your contacts and see their updates in real time.

How to sign up for mega cloud Storage service

  • Log on to mega home page
  • Click on create account
  • Enter your First name and last name
  • provide a valid email address
  • create a password (your account security depends on the strength of your password)
  • Re-type your password and check the “i agree with Mega Terms of service” box
  • click on Create Account

note: a confirmation mail will be sent to your mail. click the link to validate your account creation.

How to Login to Mega Cloud Service

  • Log on to mega home page
  • Click on Log in
  • Enter your Email and password
  • click on log in

Finally, with your account in place you can now start synchronizing your files and uploading them from your computer to your Mega cloud storage.

MEGAsync will check the latest changes and update your files / folders to their latest version based on the most recent change. It does not support a file versioning mechanism. Be careful when you are editing a file from multiple computers at the same time to avoid problems. If possible, wait until file changes are synced before modifying it from a different location.

how to share folder with other users

Mega Cloud Storage | Get 50GB free Cloud

  • right-click on the folder you wish to share
  • Go-to the option “sharing”
  • Enter their email address and choose a permission level to add them to the share folder
  • select level of choice. either Read only, read/write or full access

 Using Mega cloud storage on Android devices

If you are using a android, follow the steps below.

Mega Cloud Storage | Get 50GB free Cloud

  • First, download Mega from Google play store
  • open your app and click on the Create Account button
  • Fill out the form accordingly and submit it
  • a confirmation mail will be sent to your mail, use that to validate your account registration
  • Then the app will open your cloud drive

Uploading to your Mega cloud Storage driveTo automatically upload photos and videos

  • Navigate to your Cloud drive
  • click on option
  • Select Upload from the options that comes up
  • select the files you want to upload

note you can also click on the (+) sign at the button-right Conner of your screen

Downloading Files and folder

  • Select file/folder by long pressing on it
  • tap option
  • then you can perform any option you like, either file download or folder.

To automatically upload photos and videos

  • log in to your MEGA with your android device
  • when the prompt for Camera Upload comes up, click OK
  • For video upload, got to settings, and then enable Camera Upload
  • Now tap on File Upload to choose photos and videos to upload
  • finally choose your preffered connection option by clicking on “How to Upload”

Mega Free Vs Paid Account

So, you may want to know the major differences between the Mega free and the Mega paid account. Below are some of the differences.

  • Free account users receive:
    1. 15 GB of base storage quota.
    2. An additional 35 GB trial at signup expires after one month.
    3. Additional storage allowances can be activated through various “achievements”, but also expire. The maximum permanent storage is 50 GB.
  • Paid account users are provided with four tiers of options:
    1. 200 GB storage (1 TB of bandwidth per month)
    2. 1 TB storage (2 TB of bandwidth per month)
    3. 4 TB storage (8 TB of bandwidth per month)
    4. 8 TB storage (16 TB of bandwidth per month)

hope you find this useful, if yes do comment and share.  Mega Cloud Storage | Get 50GB free Cloud