Here is Kingsoft Office Suit the Best Alternative to Microsoft Office. If you really want an alternative for your regular microsoft office suit as mush as i do, then this article is for you. Today i will be teaching how to download Kingsoft Office suit and start enjoying this awesome document editing software. Just keep on reading as i take you through this step by step guide to Kingsoft Office Suit | Download Kingsoft – Best Alternative to Microsoft Office.

Kingsoft Office Suite Free is a free Microsoft Office alternative that comes with three office products, each with a splendid display and easy to use interface. These three office products are for Presentations, spread sheet and writer or editor. Which are just the perfect match or alternative for microsoft Power point, Excel, and Word respectively.

Now, To take us further more into this wonderful office tool. I will like to give a brief features which is also the advantages which kingsoft office suit as over other office suits.

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Features of Kingsoft Office Suit

kingstone Office suit offers powerful office suite programs that can help you easily deal with office tasks. Below are some of the features of Kingstone Office Suit

  • Suppots Mobile and PC: Kingsoft suit supports both PC and mobile devices. This means you can use Kingstone office suit on your Windows OS, Linux, Adriod OS, and iOS devices.
  • Simple Installation: Installing kingsoft is very fast and easy. Infact you have the option to  install one or all of the three application. other features includes
  • Simple but powerful interface
  • Automatic spell check
  • free template for each program
  • small installation size.
  • Tabbed interface
  • encryping of files, and finally,
  • It is free to download and install

Kingsoft might not be exactly what you want when it comes to office suit, but i bet you it offers more that just text edithing and presentation. Its word processor’s ability to read and create PDF file is one thing that makes it exceptional. Download Kingsoft office suit for free and install as an alternative to microsoft office if you desire a different experince in word editing, presentation, data processing and analysis.

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How to Download Kingsoft Office Suit

On this paragraph i will show you how to download kingsoft office suit for free. therefore, follow the steps below to download kingsoft office suit.

  • Visit Kingsoft home page or click HERE
  • Click on the PRODUCT button or DOWNLOD button to reveal the options for download
  • Select the product that suits your device. (eg office for android, ios, linux etc)
  • Scroll down to locate the download button. ( note you can download each program individually)
  • Click on download to start your download.
  • Locate your file in your download folder. and start installation.

You can also get Kingsoft for android os at Google playstore. The same goes for iOS devices as you can get the app from App Store. Kingstone for Mobile devices are awesome and allows for quick edith.

Kingsoft also offer other services like data recovery, Kigsoft office Business and so on. But allow their office suit products can open files in the following formats.

Kingsoft Office Suit File Formats

Below are the available file formats that Kingsoft can Open, Edit and Save back to


In addition to the above, Kingsoft can open and edit the following file formats below. But they can not save back in those formats.

In conclusion, Kingsoft is a perfect option when it comes to free Office suit programmes. Its interface are sweet and smart, plus its ability to support smart phones and devices. I think this suit is worth it. Just download and try it.

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