The printing of JAMB Examination slip (2019) is ongoing.

A lot of candidates finds it difficult to access or even print their slips so they can know when and where they are scheduled for the JAMB 2019 exam.

This post will guide you on how to access and print your JAMB examination slip for the 2019 Jamb Exam.

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Enough of the panic “… I can’t access my email so i can print my JAMB slip” all that will be resolved in the course of this post.

Many people have been trying to print their Jamb Exam slip but couldn’t. Many get response like invalid email address, while some could not even login to their mail box not to talk of printing the slip.

Trust Naija CBT centers, it is so populated that it can’t be accessed by the weak. Below is the simple step to get your examination slip right from the comfort of your room.

How to Print JAMB 2019 Examination Slip – Two Major Ways

First of all, You need to know that all you will need to print out your JAMB examination slip (JAMB exam Slip) is either your Email address (the one used during registration) or JAMB registration number. If you have any of these, then proceed with the steps below to Print Your 2019 JAMB Exam Slip.


Printing JAMB Examination Slip Using JAMB Reg Number or Email Address

Below is how to print you JAMB Exam Slip direct from the JAMB Website.

  • Visit the JAMB official Website using this link – 2018 Examination Slip Printing - Simple Steps to Print Jamb Exam Slip (Jamb Reprinting)
  • Click on the UTME 2019 Examination Slip
  • Enter Your Reg Number or Email Address in the Field Provided, then
  • Click on Print examination Slip.

With this a new page will pop up displaying your slip. Most browsers might not display slip in pop ups. All you have to do in such case is to enable pop ups for JAMB in your browser.

That is all about printing your JAMB slip. But if you still find it difficult to print your slip, below is an alternative way to go about it.


Printing JAMB 2019 Examination Slip From Your Email – inbox

Alternatively, You can print your slip by loging in to your email address you used during registration and print slip from your inbox. To do this,

  • Simply, login to your email using your username and password
  • Go straight to your inbox for the exam slip.

incase you can find slip in your box.

  • Select on your Spam box to locate slip.

Slip can not be downloaded

Most people using yahoomail might find out that they can’t download their slip. If you meet such challenge, just

Click on the Restore to Inbox. And the mail will be transferred to your inbox from which you can easily download and print your slip.

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