Gmail Account Review – Here is how to make your Gmail account interface a lot more cool. Do really like your things to look fancy and  unique? I think you can as well customize your gmail theme to meet your taste. This guide will take you through the simple step of changing your gmail account theme and also using any picture or photo of choice as the background theme.

Gmail webmail have gain so much popularity and thus a greater percentage of the word population makes use of it. In fact so many people as even more than one account with gmail, so i believe we are fermiliar with the features of Google web mail service i.e Gmail. In case you are new to Gmail, which of course i doubt that. below are some of the features of Gmail web mail service / Gmail Account Review.

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Gmail Account Review – Features of Gmail

Here are some of the key features of Gmail web mail service.

  • Free Sign up and Unlimited Storage space. To sign up for gmail account is free and you don’t even need anythine to own an account and enjoy limitless and fast webmail services.
  • Access to other Google services: with a gmail account you stand to enjoy other services offered by Google. You have access to Youtube, Blogger, google drive, google play store, google map and lots more.
  • Google Plus: here you can connect with friends and meet new people, share values and interests for free. All with your single Gmail account. and Finally, sweet and easy to use / user friendly interface.

Now, let me go straight to the major aim of this post, which is how you can easily change how your Gmail account looks and customize it to meet your desire.

How to change your Gmail Account Theme

Like i said before, if your always want your things to look unique you can as well distinguish your gmail account so it can look different from its default settings. Now, to change the gmail default theme, take the following simple steps.

  • With your desktop browser visit
  • Login your account details to open your Gmail account, then
  • Click on the gear symbol just at the top right corner of your screen to reveal its menu
  • Locate and and click on themes.
  • You can now select any picture of choice to replace the existing background image.
  • You can as well select from the personal images to have uploaded to your google account. Or maybe select any photo from your device.
  • Once you have selected a picture, you can then click on the Save button.
  • This will automatically replace the existing theme with the new image you selected

Gmail Account Review - How to Change your Gmail Theme

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That is all, Note you can change this images as much as you like.

I hope you find this few Gmail Account Review information useful. You can visit our home page at for more tech updates.