Do you know that you can start a video call with a friend or family member just with your firefox browser? I mean without any third party app you can now start a video conferencing just with your fifefox browser either on your desktop pc or even your mobile devices. This article will show you in full details how to start using firefox hello for video chat and conferencing.

Firefox Hello video Chat - Free Video Conferencing on Firefox browserFirefox is a popular web browser that most PC and smart phone users are very familiar with. This web tool has been on continuous updates with so many features being added on a daily basis. In fact most users don’t use up to 30% of the features firefox offers for free. One of its recent tool is the Firefox Hello, a tool which can be liken with Skype or other video call apps.

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Introducing Firefox Hello

Firefox hello is one of the numerous features on the more recent firefox browsers. It is a feature that allows users connect with other colleague just like a video call or conference. Firefox Hello isn’t just for Firefox though. You and your friend can use any WebRTC-compatible browser. If you are a Firefox user, it’s already built in.

Firefox Hello Pros

  • Firstly, Firefox hello is free, no sign up is required, and you dont even need a firefox browser to use it.
  • Mobile browser support
  • You can save your conversations


  • Allows for only two people. meaning there is no group video call
  • No text chat, and
  • You cant share your screen like you have in skype and other video call apps
  • Available on Firefox 35, if you update your browser this feature will stop working.

Finally, This feature is great way to start a one-on-one conversation with a friend of family member. It is a very easy to use video call tool. All you have to do is Download firefox 35 and start enjoying this tool.

Other video chat and call helps that gives you just the same feature and even more are as follow.

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  3. Telegram Messanger
  4. Talky Video Conferencing
  5. Skype Video Call