A lot of changes is now allowed on facebook. Before now, you can change your name as they are shown on facebook, later you can edit your contact making visible or not visible to your contacts. Now you can now change your login details from what you registered with. On this article I will be showing you how to change your facebook username as one of the facebook features.

This is a very awesome move, as you may not need to use your email address again to login to your facebook account. Also You can change the email address you use as a means of getting updates from facebook to en entirely new one.

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Facebook Features – How to Change Facebook Username

Facebook username are mostly in email address or mobile since those are the things needed during registration. Now to change this login details to a more comfortable one is very simple. Follow the steps below to get it done.

  • First of all, Visit www.facebook.com and login with your previous username. ( eiher with your mobile of desktop app or browser).
  • Now, Click on the litle drop down arrow at the top right corner of your window to reveal its MENU (option).
  • Select settings from the options
  • A list of settings that you can edith will be displayed.
  • Just in front of username click on EDIT to change your username,
  • edit name to suit and click on save changes. That is all your username will be changed authomatically.
  • In addition, Note that all the other options can be changed as well using the steps above. I mean options like your name, primary email, account contact etc.

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Finally, you should know that you can not edit your details more than once in a month or there about. you can get the most out of facebook by clicking on the Help center.

Further more, Feel free to post your comments on How to change your facebook username.