Do you want to improve on your communication skill? or you Want to learn an international Language? Here is a product that give you an opportunity to learn most languages at ease. This article Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free | Duolingo Free Download | Apk | Windows | iOS.  will show how you can learn Spanish, french, Italian and over 23 languages anywhere, anytime.

Duolingo is a website designed since 2011 to help people learn languages for free. They believe everyone learns in different ways. but their ultimate goal is to give everyone access to a private tutor experience through technology. Knowing that It’s hard to stay motivated when learning online, lDuolingo was designed to be fun and addictive because lessons are split into bite-sized skill like games.

Features of Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free Forever

  • 100% Free: you can Learn many languages for free.
  • Read, Listen and Speak: Each lesson includes a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges
  • Personalized Learning: just like Marvis beacon, Duolingo manage your strength and weakness. the more you learn, the more tailored your lesson becomes.
  • Instant Grading: Duolingo grades you on the go, every lesson comes with an exercise to test your progress.
  • Fun: exercise are designed in such a that you earn virtual coins for correct answers, unlock new levels and watch your fluency score rise. thus, This feature makes it much more like a game.
  • Available on Smart Phones: you can learn anytime, anywhere by downloading duolingo app to your device.

How to use Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free

Follow the steps below to start learning the language of your choice on Duolingo. Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free | Duolingo Free Download | Apk | Windows | iOS

  1. Visit Duolingo home page at
  2. Click on get started
  3. Select the language of choice
  4. choose Your daily goal
  5. click on the level you wish to start with. (i recommend you start at the basics)
  6. you can now start answering your questions

Sign up for an account with Duolingo

To create a profile with duolingo, all you need is an email address.

  • visit Duolingo home page
  • click on login
  • tap on create profil
  • enter a name (optional)
  • provide an email address and choose a password
  • click on create profile.

Note, You can also sign up using your Facebook account or Google plus account.

Login Duolingo Free Language Tutor

You can login  either with your browser or Duolingo mobile app. just

  • visit
  • Enter your username or email address
  • provide the password
  • click on login
  • you can also login using either your Facebook or Google account.

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Download Duolingo for Your Smart phone

You can download Duolingo App to your devices from their home page by clicking on the App logo, Android Logo and windows logo located down the page. You can also get apps at Apple App store  or Google Play

Finally, with the above instructions you can now get going in learning any of the languages available on Duolingo. Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free | Duolingo Free Download | Apk | Windows | iOS

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