Download Facebook App | Connect Friends – Facebook Apk Download. Here you will learn how to use Facebook Mobile App as against using your mobile or desktop browser for facebook. The steps here will take you to the direct link for Facebook app latest version Download. Further more, you will get to know other websites where you can get Facebook Apk Download (facebook for Android ) aside from Google play store.

Facebook App is a product of facebook gear to make users easily access their facebook account on their mobile devices and connect with friends anywhere, anytime. Thus, with Facebook App keeping up with friends is lots more faster and easier than ever. Facebook App offers you just all that you can get from accessing Facebook on your desktop browsers. Starting from sharing photo and videos to post updates, comment and link other peoples photo and posts, Manage your pages and so on.

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Features of Facebook App (Facebook Mobile App)

Here are the basic features of facebook Mobile App.

  •  quick connection with friends, family and fan
  • Set status updates, upload picture and videos and follow other peoples timeline on the go with your phone.
  • Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
  •  Manage your facebook pages and keep in touch with your fans all over the world
  • easy way to backup photos and videos
  • Keep up with your favorite artists, websites, and blogs to get latest updates
  • Advertise and run your business on facebook

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These and many more you will find on facebook mobile App. Quickly, let me take you through how to download Facebook app to your device and start enjoying the above listed features on the go.

How to Download Facebook App – Facebook App free download

Facebook on its own always make it easy for users to download facebook app to their devices. The simplest means of getting this is to Open your facebook account on your mobile device browser. Follow the following steps to do so

  • Ensure you have a working network connection
  • Open your mobile browser and,
  • Log on to
  • Log in to your accont using your facebook details i.e your email (phone number)  and password
  • Once you log in to your account using your mobile browser (e.g Opera mini) a link will be provided for you to download Facebook App.
  • Click this link and your will be durected on how to download app.
  • Follow link to download app for free.

In Addition, For Andriod iPhone or other smart phone users you can simply get Facebook app from your device App store.


To Download Facebook App for Andriod – facebook apk download

  • Visit Google play store using this link
  • Type in Facebook app in the search field provided
  • Locate and select facebook app from the search result and Finally,
  • Click install to start installation.

Note: The process just explained requires that you have a google account before you can download and install app. In case you don’t have a gmail account you can also get app from other sites like, Amazon, etc.

To download from is almost similar to downloading from google play store. All you have to do is follow the four steps above as with google play store but this time you visit then search for facebook and click download.

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In the same vain, if you are using other smart phones that has their app store, simply visit your app store and search for facebook app and click the installation button to get it installed to your device.

Finally, Facebook App is an awesome app to quickly access your facebook account on the go, anywhere anytime. Though facebook has other apps for instant messaging and file sharing, but Facebook is of great advantage has ou can use it to Share live Videos, make video calls, upload videos and share files and documents.