Dropbox for cloud storage is a medium of storing, sharing and synchronizing file so you can access them anywhere on other devices. This article will be showing you all the steps needed to Download Dropbox | Install Dropbox App- windows, Iphones And Iphones to your computer or device.

Download Dropbox | Install Dropbox App- windows, Andriod And IphonesThe first thing to note is that Dropbox app for your device is a easy to use app cause of its user-friendly interface. And you can download it for free on the Dropbox website. The process of installation is a do it yourself procedure and the software is very light so you don’t need special computers or devices in order to use it.

To Download Dropbox And Install Dropbox App- windows, Iphones And Iphones Below are somethings to have at heart as regards the system requirements for a Dropbox software.

For computer system

  • RAM: At least 512MB
  • Hard Drive Space: at least equal to your Dropbox storage limit
  • Operating system: as old as windows 2003 and to date.

For iPhone

  • Iphone OS v3.1 or later
  • Apple ID with access to App store

For Android Devices

  • Android OS 1.5 or later
  • 2MB of free space
  • SD card of any size

How to Download Dropbox And Install Dropbox App- windows, Iphones And Iphones

Now let’s take the step by step process of downloading and installing Dropbox app on your personal computer.

  1. Go to www.dropbox.com
  2. Click on the Dropbox image close to the “set up Dropbox”
  3. Click on download the app on the left side of the webpage, Dropbox will automatically start downloading on your browser
  4. Double-Click on the downloaded Dropbox app from your downloads
  5. Click “Run” on the pop-up on the bottom that appears on your screen
  6. Click ‘yes’ from the new window that appear asking if you want to allow changes to this computer.
    This allows your computer to accept Dropbox and download the installer.
  • Click “Install” on the next window so that your computer can start the installation process.
  • From the next window select if you have a Dropbox account or not and click next.

Also, you can register one for free at www.Dropbox.com or click to read how to register for a Dropbox account.Download Dropbox | Install Dropbox App- windows, Andriod And Iphones

  • Set up your Dropbox base on the amount of space you want. You can choose 2GB or opt for bigger space, then click next
  • Choose your setup type from the options displayed {typical or advance} I also recommend typical for beginners
  • Click next to conclude installation
  • After the install completes, a menu should pop-up.
  • Enter your e-mail address and password that you registered with Dropbox.

Start enjoying Dropbox app