Do you have goal of travelling round the world? That is a wonderful goal but a good place to start is to learn how to communicate in the languages of the country you wish to visit. Are you having a career shift and you are required to go to an alian country, never worry with Busuu Language lesson. You can speak a language in 10 minutes a day. So, keep reading as i take you through this platform where you can learn language online, very easy, very fun.

Features of Busuu Language Lesson – Online Language class

Busuu is an incredible language learning community with over 70 million members learning different language with native speakers. This online language learning platform, providing courses in 12 different languages on web and mobile. Here Learners can sign up for free, or subscribe to a Premium Membership to unlock further features like grammar lessons, offline mode, McGraw-Hill certification or our adaptive vocabulary trainer. Below are some of the features of Busuu Language Lesson that makes it the most porpular online language learning platform.

  • Over 12 Languages to learn for free: Here you can learn languages like, Spannish, French, arabic, German, English, Japan, polish, Italian, Russia and so on.
  • Grammer Unit: Learn to build sentences with advanced grammar units
  • Official certificates: Users can take level tests and earn official McGraw-Hill level completion certificates
  • Vocabulary Trainer: Make sure you never forget the words you’ve learned
  • Offline Mode: You can download all lessons for unlimited use, anywhere, anytime
  • Conversation: Practise your spoken conversational skills with native speakers
  • Busuu App: Here you can learn language from the comfort of your ome, anywhere, and at anytime jus by installing app to your mobile device.
  • Other benefits is the use of Flash cards and so on.

Now that you have seen the amazing features of Busuu Language learning platform. you can now start learning any language of your choice. Follow the steps below to sign up Busuu, login busuu and start your language lessons.

How to Sign Up and start Learning new Language with Busuu Online language lessons

Firstly, to start enjoying the benefits of Busuu, you will be require o fill a short form as a kind of registration. so to start learning;

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  • Visit Busuu home page with your mobile of desktop browsers using this URL
  • Click on the Start Learning button or on the Register button just at the top menu of the page.
  • Select a language you want to learn then,
  • Enter your name, email address and choose a password.
  • Finally, Click on Register to get registered.

Note you can also register using your Facebook or Google plus account. All you have to do is click on either the facebook or google plus icon, add your detail and then register.

For existing users, You can also login by clicking on the login button and enter your details to be loged in to your account. You can also sign in using Busuu mobile app. see below how to use Busuu language App.

Download Busuu Mobile App – Learn Language anywhere, anytime

Busuu is available for both android and iOS users. This means you can download and use Busuu on your Iphone, Ipads and every Android device you can lay your hand on. For Busuu App Download;

  1. Visit Busuu Home page
  2. Scroll down to locate download link for both Android and iOS devices.
  3. Click on the Apple icon for Busuu iOS download. And Google plus icon for Busuu Android download
  4. You will be taken straight to your device app store from where you can download and install app to your device.

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Finally, You can also enjoy Busuu on you TV. isn’t that awesome. To try Busuu TV click Here and start learning any of the available 12 languages with Busuu Language Lesson – Learn Language Online with Busuu App. Always visit for more app updates and how to learn anything.