Have you been stalked on a web page that you wish to save the content for future use. Maybe you took a test online or just an online form you completed and wish to have a copy of the file before submission. This article will show you a detailed step by step approach to use “Awesome Screenshot” to screenshot web pages from any browser.any number of pages on your mozilla firefox browser.

About Awesome screenshot

Awesome screenshot is screen grabing tool that helps you capture all or part of any web page at once. It allows users to add annotations, comments, and even blur sensitive info they don’t like to reveal. Awesome screenshot do not only capture screen it also allows you to share with one-click uploads images your edited.

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Below are some of the features of Awesome Screenshot software which is one of the best tool to screenshot web pages .


  • Can capture an entire web page (no matter how large the page content)
  • Content is Editable, Crop, cut and add annotations
  • Add Text to photos
  • Ability to save file to local disk
  • Comment and share images
  • Sign up and save images to your projects.
  • Available for free on desktop browsers (mozilla, Google chrome)


  • Can only save pages from your web browsers

How to Use Awesome Screenshot Software

Firstly, to start using this screen grabber. You have to integrate it to your desktop browser. The good news is that recent updates or new versions of mozilla fire firefox and other browsers has Awesome screenshoot as part of their plugins. All you have to do is to enable it on your browser settings and start enjoying the tool.

How to Enable Awesome Screenshot on Mozilla Firefox

  • Simply go to your mozilla Menu,
  • Click on Add-onsAwesome Screenshot | How to Screenshot Web pages - Mozilla Firefox
  • Scroll down to locate Awesome screenshot plus
  • Toogle to on and off
  • once Awesome screenshoot is activated you will see it on your browser tool bar

How to Screenshot web pages

With Awesome screenshot plugin active you can start capturing your webpages easily. Follow the steps below to use this software for web page capturing.

  • Open the webpage you want to capture (e.g a just completed test page)
  • Locate and click on the awesome screenshot tool at the top right corner of your browserAwesome Screenshot | How to Screenshot Web pages - Mozilla Firefox
  • select from the options presented ( pending on what you want to do)
  • You can now make necessary adjustments to your page and click done

Note: You can still make further adjustments to your file after clicking done by click on Re-edith this screenshot

Also, this software is available for other desktop browsers. You can visit their homepage at www.awesomescreenshot.com and install add-on to your browser.

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