Android pc Apps | Here is the 4 best ways to run Android apps on PC.You want to Emulate andriod and run android apps on you Pc? this article will help you a great deal. A close look at this methods will get your favorite android apps running perfectly on desktop PC be it windows or Mac PC.

When I said Android apps, I mean every android apps like your popular social media apps like Instagram and other apps that are made specially for mobile devices. This also includes Android games and utility apps like calculators, music apps or reading tools. So if you don’t have your smart phone handy and wish to use your desktop pc as an alternative to connect with friends or perform your tasks. This is sure the best way to run android apps on your pc as Android PC Apps.

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Firstly, Android apps are just superior to desktop Apps, I mean because of the compatibility and low resource foot print. And as androids are gaining more popularity, numerous android apps are being developed by the day which of cause everyone will like to give a shot. so, Have you been looking for a way to run android app on your PC? check out the following Android PC Apps.

4 Android PC Apps Running Andriod Apps on PC

Now, am going to give you just 3 apps (Android PC Apps) that will turn your pc into an Android device. Though there are other simple methods to use android apps on your Desktop computers but these 3 Apps is a good place to start from.

Firstly, I will like to list them according to there popularity. Below are the 3 Best apps to convert your PC into an Android Device.

  1. Bluestacks App player.
  2. Android Studio and finally,
  3. windroy
  4. YouWave

There are several other emulators you can use on your PC to make them run Android Apps successfully, but the above listed are just the best for me.

Bluestacks App Player – Android PC Apps

Bluestacks App Player is actually a very popular one, It is in a way the most effective means of running andriod apps on your PC without worrying over installing a full emulated environment. Most Pc users must have used this app to Install whatsapp on their PC as it is available for both windows and Mac systems.Android PC Apps | Best Ways to Run Android Apps On PC

To use Blustacks app, just get it installed on your PC and download any andriod app of choice and start using it.

How to Download and Use Bluestack to run Andriod Apps

The process of downloading and using Bluestack is very simple and direct. The inteface is user friendly so you don’t have to worry over using this app. So, to download bluestacks app player follow the steps listed below.

  1. With your desktop browser, visit bluestacks official website using this link
  2. On the top menu, you can click on Bluestack3 to see different bluestack version and their features
  3. Click on App to get the app or
  4. Simply click on the blue (Download Bluestack ) button at the top right corner of the homepage for Bluestack free Download.
  5. Your download should start immediately, once download is complete
  6. Double click on app at your download folder, and follow the process on the page to run installation.
  7. Finally, click continue to finish up your installation.

Once the above is done, you are ready to install any andriod app on your desktop or laptop devices.

Further more, Note that : There are lots of app you can get (download) directly from the bluestack website. All the Popular Games, Chat apps, and many other app that you find on Android devices. Once you have Bluestack downloaded and installed on your device you can start running them on your PC.

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Finally, this Method happens to be my best method of runing Android app on my pc.

Android Studio Android Pc apps

Android studio is another platform for running android Applications on your desktop devices. Just like Bluestack App, once you have it installed on your device most Android app can be easily installed on your PC. Basically, Android Studio provides a tools for building apps on every type of Android device. So since every app you develop can be tested using Android studio you can likewise run any other android app on it.

Though most people dont find this somehow difficult but it actually offers you a complete android experience on your desktop computer. To download and start using Android Studio;

  • Visit their Homepage and
  • Click on the download button
  • Select the option that meets your system requirements and install.
  • There are lots of video tutorial on the webpage to guide you on how to make the best use of this app.

Windroy – Android Pc Apps

Windroy is an excellent Android emulator for Windows opereating desktop and Laptop computers. It makes your device that is running windows OS (vista, 7, 8 10) look like they are runing on Android OS. With this you can run your Android Mobile Applications perfectly on your PC.Android PC Apps | Best Ways to Run Android Apps On PC

It has an incredible interface that allows you easily install apps, it is also a perfect place to test Adroid apps for Android developers. The down side of this app is that you can’t find Google Play store on it. Thus, you must download an apk file of any app you want to run on windroy.

To download Windroy

You can get this app in or you can simply click Here to Download App to your device.

Youwave Android Emulator- android pc apps

Youwave is another super Android emulator. It pocess numerous features that makes it comfortable match with Bluestack App. Youwave allows you install files directly from App stores, It is the best and perharbs easy way to install Android apps on PC. It is easy to Install, easy to Import and run App of any kind.

Android PC Apps | Best Ways to Run Android Apps On PC

Below are some of the features of YouWave Android Emulator;

  • It supports up to Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • Runs on windows Xp/Vista/7,8, and 10
  • Allows for Multi player online game
  • Audio control and dynamic roatating
  • Finally, it enables Game saving.

Youwave App Download

Now, to download Youwave is very simple, and it offers a very sweet and user friendly interface which makes it fun to use. Follow these guide below to download and install Youwave to your device.

  • With your desktop browser, visit
  • Click on download from the top menu.
  • view the app requirement and details
  • Scroll down to locate the download option, select the one that suit.
  • click download and that is all, your app will be downloaded to your device.
  • There you will also see the product limitations

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Conclusion, I did like to conclude this way. Android apps are meant for android devices, but in cases where you are not disposed to an android device any of the steps above should give you all the android expirence you ever wanted.

I hope you find this article useful, dont forget to subscribe to for more app updates and review. Use the comment box to tell us which of the steps above you have been using or the one you feel is the best.