Here you will learn how to delete a post from your facebook timeline .You will also learn now to edith or hide any post from your timeline. Most time you will find some posts on your timeline, which you are sure you never posted them. Some other times it might be a post you posted but you dont want them to appear on your timeline any more. One this article i will guide you on how to delete or hide any of this posts whenever you find them.

It is really anoying to find some bad stuffs of your Timeline, or some pictures that really do not really define you current status. to remove stuffs or edit contents you don’t like from your Facebook timeline is the reason for this HOW TO.

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How to Delete unwanted Post from your Facebook TimeLine

Once you find any of the above post or their like that you want to delete from your facebook page or time. Follow the steps below to remove them entirely from your Facebook Timeline.

  • Firstly, visit and login with your details.
  • Go to your home page. This will display yourtime, showing everything currently going on yourtime
  • Now, scrol down or seach to locate the specific post you want to delete.
  • when you locate the post you wish to delete. click on the tiny arrow on top of the post. See Image belowFaceBook Timeline - How to Edit, Delete or Hide Post From Facebook Timeline
  • Then select the option DELETE. Facebook will ask you if you really want to perform that action.FaceBook Timeline - How to Edit, Delete or Hide Post From Facebook Timeline FaceBook Timeline - How to Edit, Delete or Hide Post From Facebook Timeline








  • Confirm action and the post will be imediately deleted from your time line.

Note: You can only delete post you posted or share to your timeline. As for post other people posted or share on your timeline, You can simply Hide them from your timeline.

How to Hide Post from your Facebook Timeline

To hide any post from your timeline.

  • Follow the steps given in the section above, but this time
  • Select HIDE FROM TIMELINE, then
  • Confirm the action and the post will be hiden from your timeline.

Finally, From the above process you can also edit post and repost them. In addition to that, You can as well turn off notifications from that post. Turning of notifications means facebook will not notify you of the activities on that post.

In conclusion, Facebook happens to be the improving on its features every now and then. So they are really good at bringing up long time posts into your timeline. When you come across the ones you dont like to be seen in your page, you can use the above steps to delete or hide them from your timeline.

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